Sunday, June 18, 2006

More Keeling Family History

The following is an excerpt from the book entitled History and Families, Wright County, Missouri Published in 1993 by Turner Publishing Company. You can find this information on page 393.

Keeling- The Keeling family came to Wright County from Fancy Farm, Graves County, Kentucky about 1869 in a wagon train bound for Oregon. They crossed the Mississipi River on a raft at Cape Girardeau and as they moved on into Missouri, they were caught up in post-Civil War activities, so decided not to go on to Oregon. They settled in Hart Township near Wolf Creek, one mile southeast of the Fagan School.

The family included Abram Keeling, his wife Angeline Gibson and four children: Thomas (1860), Elizabeth (1865), Reuben Warren (1868) and Abraham Seemore "Sieb" (1868)*. Abram's brothers, Joab and John, his mother, Rachel (a widow) and sister Orlena settled just north of them. Later John moved to his own homestead a short distance to the east.

Abram and Angeline raised horses and tobacco and also had three more children: Amanda (1871), James "Elmar" (1874), and John Tildon (1876). Elmar died of pneumonia at age 16.

In 1897 Abram and Angeline and sons John and Sieb and their families moved to Freeman Springs, AR (present day Pope County). In 1910 Angeline died and was buried there. Abram and Sieb moved back to Missouri where Abram died of pneumonia in 1916 after chasing a cow in the rain.

The passage goes on to talk about Abram's son, Reuben and his descendents.

* Abraham Seemore "Seib" is my great, great grandfather.

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TexasPaul said...

Interesting about the Fagan school as that is my family. I wonder if it is still standing? Haven't been to the area in 20 years or so.