Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Going to Marshall

I'm heading to Marshall this weekend for a genealogy fair.  It's such a scenic place.  Very near the Buffalo River nestled in the Ozarks.  My great grandmother was raised there.  Every time I visit, I think about how harsh of an environment it must've been.  I wonder how they managed to keep their bellies full and their bodies warm.  If I ever need a reminder of how grand and powerful nature can be, I just go there in my mind.  Feels like home, although I've never lived there.  Can't wait to wade barefooted in the river and skip some rocks...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Johnston Family Stories, told by Tataw...

I remember when I was a teenager, there was a well at the Johnston place. It was about 3 ft high with wood around it and a lid. It was about 60 feet deep. One night, our dog jumped on and fell in. Daddy heard her the next day swimming around. He let me down on the well bucket and put a board on it. He let me down by hand and I was a teenager at the time. I hooked the rope on the dog and he pulled her out. Then he let me out next. Mom was about to have a fit.

The Johnston family homesteaded. They had orchards and raised fruit. It was a big operation. They had orchards all around. They had a concrete tank they built under the ground they'd keep oil in. When I was young, they'd quit using it. Once someone had set the oil inside on fire. They used the oil to light smudge pots to use to keep the crops from freezing.

Uncle Ned Johnston was dating a girl and they were planning on getting married later. They were going to build a house on top of that tank and use it as a basement. He ended up not marrying her, so that plan fell through. He didn't marry until he was up in his 30's.

I remember my uncles on my daddy's side made, "Home Brew" using some kind of berries. It was like a beer and it would take about a week to brew it. They would hide it out.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Johnston Family Picture

This is a family picture of my great grandparents (in the center- seated) and their children, their spouses and grandchildren at the time.  Hal and Sibyl Johnston.  They lived in Dardanelle, AR.  I'll have to check with my dad to see when it was taken...  Will try to get names of everyone to post here, as well.  I could take a stab at it, but I don't want to get any names wrong.  

It was taken in front of the old home place on the farm.  My Great Aunt Mary owns it now.  She is 95 and going strong. :)  I believe her husband, Boyd is on the top row, second from the left side.  Aunt Mary is on the second row, second from the left.