Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hal and Sibyl Johnston

Harold Banks Johnston was my great grandfather. We called him, "Papa". I have many happy memories of him. When I was young, we visited him in Yell County, AR often. We'd always stop and get him a hamburger. He would take out his teeth to eat it, saying that it was easier. He always had hard candy for us to eat and passed the time reading and watching the many squirrels he fed in the yard. He was a retired farmer. I think my grandfather looks a LOT like his dad.

Sibyl Johnston (Grandma Johnston) died about a month before I was born. My family says that she was especially fond of her grandchildren and great grandchildren and that family was very important to her.

I have lots of pictures of them. Here are a few:

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Anonymous said...

Tataw looks a lot like papa is an understatement