Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Great Grandparents (The Keelings)

My father's mother's parents were Nellie Leora "Nell" and W. E. "Grundy" Keeling. They lived their married lives in and near Pope and Yell Counties in Arkansas. Grundy died when I was young, but I have a few memories of him. He died of Leukemia and was bedridden in all of my memories. Grandma Nell lived a good while longer than him. I was in my mid twenties when she died of natural causes. Her last few years of life were spent in the care of my grandmother. Here are some pictures of them in the later years of their lives as I remember them...

Grandma Nell and Grundy

Grundy and Grandma Nell with their friend, Louise Hicks
Grundy, Carl Bryant, Cleveland (grandsons) and Leonard (Grundy's son) Keeling

Grundy and one of his brothers (Ab Keeling)

Grandma Nell was an avid gardener

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Anonymous said...

Nikki, I was married to Barbara Sue Keeling years ago and I know your dad and family. Where is your Aunt Judy and your dad now?
Don Horne