Sunday, April 23, 2006

More NC Research

I went to the NC Archives again on Saturday and had limited success. I've got several branches of my family that came from North Carolina...

My Mom's Side of the Family

  • Dill- In Mom's family, the earliest record of any Dills is Job Dill... He is the grandfather of Elias Arthur Dill, 1848 of GA. I found records of a John H. Dill, Jr. 1809-1863. I do not know if he's related or not. This information was found in Bible records. It also mentions that his mother might be Mary Ann Fischer.
  • Killingsworth- I couldn't tie it in to our family but in the vertical files, there is a record of a Shaw/Killingsworth Bible. It lists Nancy Ann Killingsworth who died 1833. I don't think they're related, but I'm not sure. I need to contact an aunt of mine who has more information.
  • Westbrook- Judith Westbrook, 1782-1843 was married to Elias Lee. She was born in Sampson County, NC. I found records of a Judith Lee Wesbrook, who was a sister of James Westbrook (d. 1817). She was mentioned in Sampson County NC Wills 1784-1895 by Cora Bass.
  • Lee- I know that the Lee family was from Sampson County, NC. I found a spot on an old map called Lee's Chapel. It was a Baptist church. Not positive if there is a connection, but I suspect my aunt will have more information for me.

My Dad's Side of the Family

  • Banks- On an old map of Hertford County, NC, I found a place called, "Banks Creek It is very near Murfreesboro and appears to drain into the Meherrin River.
  • Cottons- 1) John B. Cotton, 1778 was born in NC. I think he originated in Hertford County. I looked up the Cottons and found very little that I could link to this family, but there was a spot on an old map of Hertford County called, "Cotton Crossroads"... Settled about 1710 by John Cotton (possibly grandfather of our John Cotton?) of Virginia and was authorized to be laid out as County Seat in 1758; Later known as Old Barfields or Barfield and later as Tuscarora. 2) The earliest information I have on any Cottons was John Bertie Cotton (1658) born at Queens Creek, Isle of Wight, VA and his wife, Martha Godwin (1680) of Virginia. I have more than one family that was from Isle of Wight, VA. Next time I am here, I am going to look into that area and see what I can find because this archive has lots of information on North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. 3) Also, I found birth and marriage records for a Cotten Graveyard. A note on the bottom says that it's in Harnett County. It mentions a Joseph Cotten, his wife Mary Cotten (died 1898). I think these are probably descendants of our Cottons. 4) I found birth and marriage records that are labeled, "Cotton Records in the Bond Family" (I haven't come across the name Bond before)... Births: *Sir John Cotton of Limehouse Parish, England (and it says that tradition says he was the "Sir John Cotton" mentioned in Wheeler's History- whatever that is...), *James Cotton (married Sarah Luton 1748), son of Sir John Cotton, *Clara, Daughter of James Cotton (died unmarried), *Eliza, daughter of James and Sara Luton Cotton (Married Henry Bond 1807)... Since our cottons were around in 1680, I think it's unlikely that any of these Cottons are directly related to us.
  • Knight and Carter- Priscilla Knight (1748 of Halifax, NC) was married to Tom Cotton (1748 of Hertford County). Priscilla's father's name (I am not positive about any of this information) was Moore Knight. I do not know her father's name. Moore Knight's father's name was James Knight. James Knight was married to Priscilla Carter. Her father was Kindred Carter. In the archives, there was a vertical file for Knight. I didn't see anything that would directly tie them to my family except that there was mention of Sumner County, TN (which several family members in my research lived in before moving to AR). Also, the vertical file mentions ties to the Cain family. I know that there are Cains living in the Yell County area... It might not be too much of a stretch that the two families had ties. Many times, several families traveled together when they moved/homesteaded.

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